Bats and churches

Photo Bat Conservation Trust

Bats are common occupants of churches and in many cases peacefully coexist with parishioners. Recently there has been a lot in the press about the bat ” problem” in churches.  preventing people from being able to worship. Bat Conversation Trust’s CEO Juilia Hanmer has written a guest blog on the RSPB website. which explains clearly why the Habitats Directive is  so important

Next week we’ll know if George Osborne will respond to the widespread evidence that the Habitat’s Directive, far from being a burden to business, is a vital part of the mix needed to achieve sustainable development. Will he see sense? I hope so. Rather than attacking the Directives I would like to see the Chancellor focus on providing people with access to the expertise, information and evidence we need to implement it better.”

Photo The Guardian

You can read more about BCT’s work with churches at

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