Lakeside survey

Thursday night was a busy night for the bat group. As well as the Harrold Odell survey, we also had the lakeside survey. This is only for bat group members and we are allowed to take 8 members at a time. Once again we had a full house – in more ways than one. Irene (Soggy) Sabinarz reported counting w total of 1140 soprano pipistrelles, which is a high figure for this time of year.

Soprano pipistrelle Photo by Bob Cornes

This may be because of the poor weather earlier in the season. Femsles gather together in maternity roost because they can huddle together if they get cold and the cold weather earlier in the season may have encouraged them to aggregate in larger numbers. (Soprano pip roosta in Scotland have very high numbers in maternity roosts)> It will be inteersting to see how many we get next time.

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