We want one of these!

Nathusius pipistrelle Photo Jude Hirstwood

Bob and Jude stopped off on the way back from Cornwall to visit Daniel Hargreaves and got to join him on his survey at Blagdon. There were some very very bity insects. Daniel set up 3 harp traps and three mist nets and we caught a number of pregnant  soprano pipistrelles. (who were released very promptly) At the end of the evening he caught what we were really interested in seeing – a male Nathusius’ pipistrelle. We really want to catch one of these in Bedfordshire. We hear then occasionally at Priory Country Park, but have never netted one. Daniel  and the YACWAG group on the other hand have caught and ringed over 40 males at Blagdon. Interestingly he has yet to catch a female. Where are they lurking- and what are all these males doing?


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