Seasons Greetings- and a free gift with no strings attached

I have a quite a backlog of postings, but have got ensnared in the seasonal chaos. I hope to put that right after the festivities. Meanwhile. a Christmas gift to readers of this blog. The Jan 2014  issue of the bat group newsletter is now ready. This is usually for members only, but this issue is rather special – it is celebrating 25 years of the group – and so we are making it freely available to anyone interested.19987annual report cover

You can download it here. Just click on the link 25TH ANNIVERSARY   . We hope you enjoy it     

This is one of several lovely e cards produced by BCT  ( We wish to point out that it is illegal for you to emulate Santa, either by tethering bats to your sleigh or giving them a red nose. Under European Law bats are protected species and may not be kept as pets

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