Another roost hunt


Photo of an interesting photo of woodpecker holes in an oak tree. Photo Bob Cornes


On a crisp Sunday morning, Bob, Bob and Judith ventured into Kings Wood and checked a small area for potential roosts They found seventeen potential roosts, all of them in oak trees.

The plan is to go back later in the season and stake out some of the best trees and see if any bats emerge. Afterwards we will be using this as an opportunity to mist net.

This is the last roost hunt this year as the trees are waking up and putting out their leaves, which makes it much harder to spot potential roosts



Camera shy woodmouse Photo Bob Cornes

While they were there, they took the opportunity to check some dormouse boxes. No dormice were at home, but several of the boxes had wood mice nests and one of them was occupied by a publicity shy woodmouse










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