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Members of the Bedfordshire Bat Group receive a quarterly newsletter published in January, April, July and October either on paper or as a pdf.

This contains:

  • articles about bats and things bat related
  • updates on recent bat group events
  • photographs
  • bat news from around the world
  • Diary of forthcoming events

The contents of some older issues are shown below. These are sent to members as hard copes as PDFs
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01Page 1 copy

Vampyrum spectrum

An Alcathoe in Jersey 03Alcathoe and Noctule
A WAB at Center Parcs
A Vampyrum in Trinidad
Meeting Merlin Tuttle 06merlin
Filming Vampyrum07-08telly- banana eaters
The Mystery of the banana eaters
Chicksands Fete
Swineshead Wood
New Whipsnade survey
Stockgrove/Bat Care
Visiting fruit bats in Jersey
Roosts update
Aging in bats
Bat hearing
Bat migration

January 2016

01page copy

The Challenge of Identifying Zambian Bats  04-5 In the dark
The straw bat migration and other tales of 2015 Zambats expedition  06-7a rhino in the toilet2
The menace of the mealworm. A health risk for bat carers 10mealworms- martinNew Zealand shot tailed bat 13NZ short tailed bat and Hades plant web

October 2015

Brandt's Bat (Myotis brandtii). King's Wood, Stockgrove. 15.08.15.

Brandt’s Bat (Myotis brandtii). King’s Wood, Stockgrove. 15.08.15. Photo Phil Gould

Editor’s Bit
Bat care*
The Greater Stockgrove BatMap Before 04run up to the weekend During 5-7the weekend and After 08–09what we learnt at bat map
Radiotracking a Brandt’s
Nathusius project – update*
Kings Wood Boxes*
Other surveys*
Climate change 16climate change wild night out
A wild night out*
Highlight from National Bat Conference 17-conference
A new inexpensive bat detector and other  batty Christmas gifts 18-19Peerson2

July 2015


Editor’s Bit
More on  the Greater Stockgrove Bat Map weekend
Other surveys
The Bat cave opens
Bat care
A new serotine roost
Priory Bat Boxes and Nathusius survey
Jersey Bat Group  13roosters1
Korean Bats 14-15Korean bats
How to get sonograms for £20
Animal magentism
Flying by night
White nose syndrome breakthrough
Social  call

April 2015


Editor’s Bit
Farewell to two committee members
The Greater Stockgrove Project
Licensed to disturb : Natural England Class licences explained 06 07 class licences
The new flight cage  08 9cave Hopcp2
Roost Hunts at Harold Odell 08 9cave Hopcp2
Roost Hunts at Kings Wood 10 boxes roosts
More bat boxes 10 boxes roosts
News about breathable membranes 11 breathable membrane
Toby Thorne’s Masters in Canada 12-13toby
Review of Brock Fenton’s new bat book 14Brock
Jonathan Durward and Ozzy Osborne
New Natterer’s species in Europe
The crisp bat effect
Alzheimer’s and bats
Social call

January 2015

philip1 copy

Philip Clarke – An appreciation*
More New bat boxes*
Indoor Winter meetings
The Greater Stockgrove Project 5-6 GreaTER Stockgrove
Bat Care Bat care Jan2015
Saving a bat roost at Sandy Warren~10Jonathan
Wing flattening and pressure sensing in bats
Update on Aidan’s Harp trap
December, Saturday hibernation survey see more at
December Sunday hibernation survey see more at
The decline of the Ghost Bat 16ghost bat and barbastelle
Social Networking in Wytham Wood.(Source 10.1371/journal.pone.0112225 )
Identifying bats by DNA analysis of faeces.( Source
Female sopranoes are fussier about habitat than males  source
Website changes

 October 2014

Brandt's bat (3)CROPThe Kings Wood Bat Box survey*
Nathusius hunt at Priory*
Record breaking trapping session at HOCP*
Center Parcs, Woburn Village and environs**
Woburn Safari Park*
Bat Care Course,
A Golden South American Bat source
Wing flattening  source
Pressure sensing in bats source
The noctule that got away*
My first year in the bat group
Becky’s hibernation survey
The role of deforestation in Ebola source
The role of harmonics Bat navigation source
Walks and Talks*
National Bat conference highlights
Conference abstracts
Christmas Wish List


July 2014

Leislers crop2

Photo Bob Cornes

New subscription information
More on bat’s tongues07jULY2014
We catch our first ever Leisler’s * 04JULY2014
A visit to the Isle of Wight Bat Hospital
Tiddenfoot Water Park*  10JULY2014
Bat Boxes at Harrold Odell Country Park* and new record at Priory808-9jULY2014 hocp boxes+priory
Phil Brown at the AGM  12JULY2014
NBMP training session
Walks Talks and stalls*
Brilliant Bat Photographs*15JULY2014
Bat Flight Muscles 17JULY2014
Why Vesper bats are so diverse/ Update on ringing 17JULY2014
Asset confIscation following bat crime
Big brown bats warn others of their territory


April 2014

Soggy&Kel at HOCP

Photo Bob Cornes

The Winter roost hunt*
A new survey for 2014
raspberry pi
Hibernation surveys 06hibernation srvey
More on Ellerburn church
squirrel  in a hibernation site,/ringed English Nathusius found in Netherlands
Geoffroy’s bat found in the UK
Bats and boxes
Bats and breathable membranes 13Bats and BBM
Fossil bats

Spix’s bat and heliconia leaves
Bat numbers in Europe 16bat numbers
Chinese Bats talk in dialect
Bat emotional centres
Winter weather

January 2014

This issue is a rather special one. This year marked our 25th anniversary as a bat group. As this is the quieter time of the year , this seemed an ideal time to publish a potted history of the group. As one off, we are making this issue downloadable to any one who wants to read it.  (All content is copyright of the Bedfordshire Bat Group).Just click the link at it is all yours – ignore the rather serious sounding titles, it is the usual mix of sensible and downright silly. This is quite a  big (7.9Mb) file . Bat group members I will e mail a supplement with event details on to you after Christmas

We were frankly gobsmacked that since this file was posted nearly 2000 people have had a look at it

Download here    25TH ANNIVERSARY

19987annual report coverEditor’s Introduction and First Annual
Report 2
David Anderson on the Early Days 3-4
Joan’s Story 5
Gremlins in the Cupboard 6
Bioluminescent Tagging 7
The History of Bat Detectors 8-9
The Next Generation 10
The History of the Barbastelles Quest 11-12
The history of Data Collection 13
The History of Hibernation Site
Improvement 14
The History of Surveys 15
The History
of Education and Outreach 16
The Resurgence of Bat Care 17
The History of Newsletter space fillers 18
And finally 19
A Game to play 2

October 2013

Nathusius pipistrelle. Photo Bob Cornes

Nathusius pipistrelle. Photo Bob Cornes

Death of the captive noctule*
We catch a Nathusius*
Jim builds a bat box
Woodlands surveys
Noisy genitals
Bat Care
Daubenton’s and climate change
Grey long eared bat distribution
Bats to the rescue
Temperature regulation
White nose syndrome update
Christmas gifts for bat lovers
Artificial roosts in Costa Rica
Bat Box Project

July 2013

Barbastelle. Photo Andrew Palmer (Herts and Middlesex Bat Group

Barbastelle. Photo Andrew Palmer (Herts and Middlesex Bat Group

A young person’s guide to Stockgrove
A new Chair for the Bat Group
Tracking the Swineshead barbastelle
Bringing up Baby – the 2013 Noctule
Hedj’s first bat care case
2013-7-Bat Parasites
How Daubenton’s find the energy to mate
Welsh Bat Conference
Film of the noctule roost found at the Welsh Bat Conference. Thanks Iain.
Long term monitoring.
The Adams roost.
Links with Bristol University
Mobbing behaviour in Bats.
Moth wings wanted
first bat drawing
Infra red filming
bat walks, talks ,stalls and surveys
Bats and churches.
A night off (sic)

April 2013



Da=rawing of a long eared bat by Lia Gilmour

NBMP Training 05 NBMP
What we did this winter
Toby’s Social network research
Aidan’s £100 harp trap 08 09 harp trap
Phil and Beccy Tackle Tamara Hill Trinidad
Yorkshire bats,
Valentine story
Arctic Bats
Altruism , geomagnetic compass,
Bat genetics
Robot bats help explain bat anatomy 19 robot wing


January 2013

25th AGM
The Great Roost Hunt
25 years of roost recording – a presentation
Ash dieback disease
Saturday night at Chiroptera
Fosssil Bat
White nose syndrome
Tales of Derring Do in Thailand 13derring do

IRIS and Sars
Sac winged bats

Lunar bats 12lunar bats
Breathable membranes 15breathable membranes
Apple and Pumpkin Day


October 2012

Bechstein’s Kit Photo Jude Hirstwood

Rain and its effect on bats and bat watchers
2012-10 -rain

The Bechstein’s Project
Mexican Bat worker extra-ordinaire  2012-10
Roderigo Medellin
Brown long eared bats at the RSPB
Bat care 2012
Woodland surveys 2012
Update on white nose syndrome
Wind turbines
Batman 2012-10-batman
Make a Halloween bat 2012-10- halloween bat
Geoffroy’s bat found in Britain


July 2012


Photo Hedj Dollman

25 years of bat watching
Vampires in Trinidad
2012 Trinibat
Surveys Update
2012-7 Bulldog bats
Box checks and Bechsteins survey
2012-7 Enid Blyton


AGM and regional conference
New postcard
Mitigation failures
Talks and walks
Bats and churches
Bats and Bad weather

April 2012


Thanks to Bedfordshire Bat Group for Count Bat 2012-4 Count bat thank you
The Biggleswade Pipistrelle- A  captive bat overwinters 2012 -4 Biggleswade pipistrelle
Nicaraguan  Poster  2012-4 -Nicaragua
Chiroptriva – Bats and movies
Hibernation survey2012 -4 Hibernation survey
Bat Box Project

Bat copter, expendable
Bats and clutter
Bats multitask
White nose syndrome 2012 -4 white nose in europe
What the papers say 2012-4 – How the press deals with bats

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