A record year for the bat group

As Angie said last night was the last official survey night of the season, though we might sneak out again if the weather holds up. Here at Bat Group central we are scraping mud of equipment and checking it over before it too gets a chance to hibernate. The next stage is to enter all the data we collected onto the bat group database.

Illustration Joan Childs

Illustration Joan Childs

It is at this point that we can see the downside of the nice weather. Somehow or other we have more or less analysed all the recordings we have made but they too have to be databased. Worse still because of the loan of a harp trap and autolureĀ  we have caught more bats on average

To my horror I have just calculatedĀ  on the back of an envelopethat, in addition to the regular surveys, we have done 50 surveys since January, and that doesn’t include the 37 regular surveys. I thought we had been busy!

On the bright side some of these were done jointly with the Cambridgeshire Bat group so we don’t have to enter those.

A reminder to any one with bat records, when you have sorted them out, please send them to us, so we can add them to the ever increasing in tray.



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