Valentine’s Day Massacre revisited

“It’s getting mighty cold out”

“Don’t worry I have a cunning plan”

Way back in February we found two bats. that were disturbed during hibernation Have they returned to the same place this winter. Had this e mail for Aidan, one of our bat carers this morning

“Strange as it may seem I suspect that I may have them back in again!

 Last week I received a phone call from the finder of the above bats, stating that he had found a rescued a couple more bats from the same site. I collected them a few moments later, as he lives about 80m from my house and happened to have them with him, ready to go. If you recall, he works for a scaffolding company and they were due to be loading up a lorry that had been sat for a few days, parked next to a wooden fence. As the lorry was moved out for loading he noticed two bats clinging to the timber planks of the fence and immediately placed them into a box as he was worried about them being found by corvids or the farm cat.”

If they are the same pair back again (and bats do tend to return to the same places to hibernate), it is tempting to think they remembered the TLC they had with Aidan’s family and decided they would see if they could be bought back into the warm.

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